Bringing Love to You

702Match serves only residents of the Vegas area, meaning you don't waste time on people who are only in town for the weekend.

When you sign up with 702Match, the entire experience in finding your match becomes personal for us. With our personal approach to matching, we do the work to find your other half because we know there is someone compatible just for you.


A Different Approach

702Match takes a different approach to help you find a partner. There are no profiles to fill out, no pictures to upload, and no emails or texts to sift through in hopes of finding someone you might connect with.

Instead, we provide personalized matchmaking services to help you meet potential partners who fit your criteria and share your relationship goals

Serving Las Vegas Valley Residents Only

Client Interviews

Client Background Check

Personalized Matchmaking Services


If you're a long-time part of Las Vegas's dating scene, you know there's no shortage of singles looking for a good time, especially those traveling to Las Vegas. 

Fed up with creating dating profile after profile? Whether you’re new to the dating scene, or you’ve kissed so many frogs that you’ve lost count, we’re here and dedicated to making sure you never have to endure another bad date, get catfished, or waste your time on something that leads to disappointments.

Tired of Swiping, Right?

Keeping it Exclusive

With 702Match, you go through a process of interviews and background checks. During this time, we learn about your lifestyle preferences, hobbies, religious beliefs, and relationship goals.

Based on these interviews, we make recommendations for potential matches among other clients we work with. When there's a possible match, we arrange a structured, interactive session where you and your potential partner get to know one another.

This lets you skip the awkwardness away while you decide whether you are interested in taking the next step with your match

702Match Process

Moment of Choice

After this first meet-up, we meet with both you and your match in separate, private sessions to get feedback. During this time, you have an opportunity to talk about what you liked about your prospective partner, whether you have any concerns about moving forward, and tips on taking the next step in the relationship.

A match is made when both partners agree to move forward together.

If either or both decide not to pursue the relationship, you get continued support in finding a match

You deserve to be in a happy, healthy relationship with someone who values you and shares your life goals.

With 702Match, you aren't another profile in a sea of faces. Instead, you get an ally who's committed to helping you find the quality relationship you seek.

From the first interview to the final match, we're here for you giving you guidance, direction, and support so that you find happiness and love!!

Unlock the Joy of Love

We Do Not Share Personal Contact Info of Clients Between Matches During Initial Intro

Relationship Goals Assessment